We are a blasé bunch. We arrogantly ignore the airline safety announcements while we tend to the vital matters on our smart phones and iPads. Yet in every photo I’ve seen of people on that flight with the blown engine, almost everyone is using the oxygen mask incorrectly (placing it only over their mouths when it should also be over their noses).

Would You Like Some Perspective in Your Coffee?

I have a hard time with people who “can’t” start their day without coffee. I’ve tolerated people late for meetings, or who have insisted we drive out of our way, or who have expected me to excuse boorish behavior on the basis of “not having had my coffee, yet.” Then there are the people who need only certain kinds of coffee. They have to have Starbucks, or require soy milk, or a double shot in their latte. I saw one …

The Bully

I received a book order for about $80 from New Zealand. The credit card was rejected. When I wrote to the purchaser about this he responded with invective, claiming my processing system was “from the 80s,” even though it was his bank denying the transaction. When I confronted him, and told him what he could do with his order which I’d now never fulfill, he told me he was a “man of God” and that I didn’t understand his sarcasm, …

The Left-Leaning Bar

The Good Fight, the CBS All Access spinoff of the huge hit, The Good Wife, is excellently written and acted. It has none of the restraints of network television, and Christine Baranski has to be one of the finest actors on screen. We tend to binge watch the streaming episodes. But this season it’s getting “screechy” liberal. Like the New York Times, which blames everything including the weather on Donald Trump so that editorial and news are hopelessly conflated, The …

Podcast – The Uncomfortable Truth – Episode 31: Vulgarity

How we are dulling our senses and ruining our meaning. WARNING: Profanity is used throughout for examples.  Vulgarity causes a decline in society. There’s a difference between being bold and simply being crude. If you’re relying on vulgar phrases and words to produce shock value, you need to re-evaluate what you’re doing.

Alan Weiss’s Monday Morning Memo® – 4/16/18

Alan's Monday Morning Memo

Restraint is tough, isn’t it? Our tendency as bright, successful, confident people is to respond. We want to take part in the conversation, we desire to add to the debate, we seek to thwart the bad decision. Conversely, we don’t want to be euchered out of our beliefs and opinions. But we’re often more powerful in silence. When we attempt to respond (retaliate?) to the braggart and self-centered, or the passive-aggressive, we wind up playing their game. They feed on …

One Trick Pony

Every singer records an album sooner or later called, “Greatest Hits.” If you were to record one with all your greatest accomplishments, what would they be? Do you have enough for an entire album? I remember the “one hit wonders” like the Monotones (Tonight, Tonight) or Star Land Vocal Band (Afternoon Delight). We’d say, “I wonder when they’ll record an album of their greatest ‘hit’?” You don’t want to be a one-hit wonder or a one-trick pony.

The Power of Absence

Jumping on a bandwagon is not a good idea. I’d rather watch it race by, out of control, until it crashes in a ditch. I’m thinking of bitcoin, or multi-level marketing (Ponzi schemes), or pet rocks, or all those derivative people who tried to create their own Chicken Soup for the Soul books, because they have no creativity of their own (Turkey Gizzards for the Epidermis) and never took time to realize that Jack Canfield and Mark Victor Hansen (both of whom I …