The Scent of A Buyer

Olfactory sense is important in order to appreciate taste. (An onion and apple crunch the exact same way if there’s no sense of smell and you can’t see the food. I watch the color of the coffee as I add cream to determine the right amount, I don’t taste the coffee as I add cream to test the flavor. We use touch to tell us if things are too hot (soup on our lips) or too cold (undercooked steak). We …

Piggish Behavior

A woman walked down the beach with a huge pig yesterday, complete with a string of pearls. When people approached her with questions, she was a real pill, apparently recovering from a personality removal procedure. When you walk with a pig, expect to be approached. Otherwise, stay home with your pig.

Careful, This is the Acme Company, Not America

It’s always seemed more than ironic to me that America has thrived on believing in and supporting free speech, even if obnoxious, because to shut it down is counter to everything that has made us strong, yet in business we often fire people for engaging in it. Are we saying that encouraging free speech is good for the country but bad for business? Perhaps free speech would have avoided the Wells Fargo mess and created more sensitivity at United.

On Winning

When we chose sides for games back in school—whether athletic or intellectual—we tried to get the best players on our side. When I advised clients on hiring, we tried to get the best candidates. Companies that promote and reward their best people succeed the most. We try to choose airlines that do the best job of on-time arrival, safeguarding our baggage, and comfortable seating. We look for the best deals when we buy something. When we ask for referrals, we …

The Omnivert

You are really not an introvert or an extrovert, but rather you’re somewhere on that continuum. The key is to be able to move along it one way or the other as conditions require. There are no perfect personality styles, not matter what any test or horoscope (often one in the same) may tell you. There is only one vital trait. Flexibility.

Alan Weiss’s Monday Morning Memo® – 08/14/17

Alan's Monday Morning Memo

Here’s a little something I’ve learned: I can always make another dollar, but I can’t make another minute. But even when there isn’t another cent, there is another day. I meet too many people who are angry all the time. If you’re nasty to customers at 7 am, what does that bode for the rest of the day?! There are people who expect every grievance to be acknowledged by everyone else and acted upon until they are happy (which they …

Tail, Meet Dog

Have you noticed the number of hotels and auto dealers who are sending notes after customers’ recent visits advising them they will be receiving a survey in the mail soon. If the customer has been unhappy with anything, please call to have it addressed prior to taking the survey. In other words, we’re not really interested in your feedback, we’re interested in perfect survey results because that’s how we’re measured and rewarded. Dumb-ass, stupid management.