Service Animals

There are always cases where someone tries to do people who deserve and need something a favor, and other people who don’t need it try to cash in. One example is the early boarding option on all airlines for “people requiring a little extra time to go down the jetway.” About half these people are clearly in need of such an offer, and the other half sprint off the plane at the destination as though in an Olympic relay qualifying …


You know, if you’re going to church, and there’s someone on the opposite side of the road waiting to pull into the lot for the same Mass, and you don’t stop to allow that person to cut across traffic, you might as well just drive home again, because I don’t think spending the next hour in church is really going to help.

Please Don’t Leave A Message At The “Beep”

Both Kensington and FileMaker put representatives on the phone within a 90-second wait to help me make adaptations for my new iMacPro. High tech, high touch. Apple  provides 30 minutes of live phone time when you purchase the iMac or the iPhone X. Every business is a relationship business, from Microsoft to Amazon, Boeing to Sears. Some do it well, many do it terribly. I trust Emirates Airlines, they always get the benefit of the doubt, but I wouldn’t walk …

The Percentages

I routinely meet people who are spending 70% of their time on zero income (administration, software, social media) or low income issues, and only 30% on their predominant revenue streams. You don’t grow a business that way. Where does your revenue originate, and where are you spending your time? Are they in the same ballpark?

There’s A Reason It’s Called a TREADmill

I love instructors in the gym who dance on the treadmills. They spin and turn and jump at pretty good speeds. I’m waiting for one of them to shoot off of it like a comet, hitting someone doing sit-ups across the gym. The same, of course, applies in our work. Prudent risk makes sense, but excess risk just requires one false move and you could hurt yourself and others pretty badly.

Alan Weiss’s Monday Morning Memo® – 1/15/18

Alan's Monday Morning Memo

We live in an age of micro-aggressions and polarization. Don’t say, “You guys,” when there are women present, even though newscasters (including women) do it all the time. If you voted for the “other” party, you don’t merely have a differing opinion, you’re stupid. This pathology is evident daily on Facebook, that great societal mirror. When someone posts a point of view—presumably with the intent of it being read—and a reader comments in disagreement, the person posting often responds, “Sorry …


I’ve driven a lot of exotic cars and I own three at the moment. What I’ve learned along the way is that once you drive them a couple of times, they are simply your cars. There’s always a pleasure for me, and an appreciation of every moment, but the cars become quite natural and familiar, as they should. They’re in my garage, not a museum. The same holds true for any experience. If you just view it from afar, or …

A Day At the Office

The Patriots beat the Titans last night as they should have, one of the very best teams in the league playing a team that is lucky to even have a winning record. New England fans started leaving in the third quarter to beat the traffic and get out of the cold. All this despite the media frenzy trying to create a rift among owner Bob Craft, coach Bill Belichick, and quarterback Tom Brady. That’s what the media do, they try …