The Successful Sales Meeting

Every business meeting you enter you should enter with confidence. If you don’t have this attitude, you are far more likely to have an unsuccessful meeting. It’s as simple as that. How do you ensure the confidence? Simple: Prepare in terms of content you need to know (e.g., the firm’s competitive position). Have a clear destination in mind (agreement to consider a proposal). Be prepared for obvious resistance (the timing isn’t right). Stay in the moment (don’t “think forward” about …

Alan Weiss’s Monday Morning Memo® – 07/17/17

Alan's Monday Morning Memo

The TV series Game of Thrones began a new and penultimate season last night. (I’m not revealing anything here, no worries, a sort of reverse trigger warning.) It’s now “off the (George R.R. Martin) book” so the plots are strictly the result of the current writers’ imaginations. My entire family finds it great fun. (My daughter and her husband brought an Apple TV down here to the Jersey Shore so that we could catch the opening episode.) We all love …

Up, Up, and Away

Federer wins at 35. Venus Williams reaches the finals at 37. Tom Brady wins at 39. Why are people so astounded, newspaper headlines enlarged? We’re all living longer and performing at a higher level longer. Tony Bennet will sell out Madison Square Garden at 90. There is an ageism bias in our society, and just as gender bias removes half the talent in the equation, so does ageism.

Back to My Roots

Point Pleasant, New Jersey, broad sand beaches, great breakers, nice boardwalk and attractions for the kids. And we stopped for a breakfast sandwich of a hard roll, pork roll, bacon, cheese, and eggs. Neither broad sand beaches nor pork roll is available in Rhode Island. 

More Stupid Stuff on Facebook

Just when you think it cannot get any stupider, a woman posts a couple of days ago that she’s refusing to accept credit cards any more in her business, because the banks charging a percentage on them is unfair, and there should be no charges. This is all part of a banking conspiracy, and if we all stopped using credit cards the economy would improve greatly. Is it possible to study ignorance in school? How does she feed herself?

See, It’s Called “Profit” and the Opposite is “Loss”

Many years ago my wife started a small business creating customer-designed exercise outfits and accessories. At one point she brought me a small piece of artwork she had been working on for an entire day. “Do you like it?” she asked. “I do,” I said, “how much will you sell it for?” “Two dollars,” she decided. “Houston, we have a problem,” I said. I’ve written in this space before about a Jersey Mike’s franchise that has good sandwiches, but the …