Ovation, Please

Before I go any further, might I ask that your give me some applause at this point? Just something prefatory, anticipating how good this article will become. You’ll see why in the next 600 words. We’re in New York for Christmas, and saw “Gypsy” the other night on Broadway. We wanted to catch Patti LuPone before the show closes in the next couple of weeks, and somehow we had managed to miss this classic, a Styne/Sondheim fixture in the house …

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas to all of you who celebrate this day, and to all of you who may not but still appreciate the sentiment. As a gift to my Contrarian Consulting colleagues and the Alan’s Blog community, you may want to watch the inestimable Dan Gilbert here:

Alan Weiss interviewed by Simma Lieberman

Alan Weiss interviewed by Simma Lieberman in a SAC (Society for Advancement of Consulting®) and alliance partner teleconference on Power Platform Speaking. Learn why you need mostly steak and how the rest sizzles out. Click on arrow below for podcast to start and now also on iTunes Click Here for entire podcast series table of contents © Alan Weiss 2008. All rights reserved.

Why Madoff Made Off, Blagojevich Made Hay, And Other Consulting Principles

During his presidential campaign, John McCain suggested that the head of the SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission) ought to be fired. McCain was lambasted for being rash, out of touch, desperate, and (of course) too old. Turns out the right adjective would have been “prescient.” However, Mad Madoff made off with everyone’s money not just because regulators were cozy with him (or asleep), and not only because he was slick, but because he was trusted. He was trusted because he …

Linkedin Scores Again

Here is a verbatim email sent to me this morning to join my linkedin network, which shows charm, nice writing, and the total usefulness of linkedin: “I am mentioning Alan’s blog so I hope that means I am not a serial killer :). I liked your review about Linked In ‘Weakest Link’ and thought it was pretty much on target. The greatest thing I found on Linked In was that I was able to re-connect with my fraternity brothers and …