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Ready, Listen!

Is discipline the same as self-control and why is it important? What are the 6 reasons for poor discipline and what to do about it? You need to listen to Alan’s podcast to find out.

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Speaking with Alan

(Click on image to enlarge)

The most recent class of Speaking with Alan, the most intense program available for creating, practicing, and marketing a speech. The 2.5-day workshop is held at Alan’s home, and includes fine dining every night.
Left to right: John Weathington, Danville, CA; Pat Lynch, Long Beach, CA; Angie Katselianos, Milan, Italy; David Gammel, Salisbury, MD; Pam Harper, Glen Rock, NJ; Roberta Matuson, Brookline, MA; Koufax, the Wonder Dog; Alan Weiss.

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This is not a political endorsement or even comment, but simply the observation of a consultant and coach on the selection process.

If Senator Hillary Clinton received 49% of the Democratic primary vote, and is given great prominence at the convention, and her supporters are threatening in some cases not to vote for the party’s presidential nominee;

And if there are many more registered Democrats than Republicans among the electorate, and the only way for Republicans to win is to attract independents in great numbers along with some disenfranchised Democrats;

And if the Republicans are currently struggling with eight years’ residue of a largely unpopular administration, amidst serious economic problems and foreign affairs threats;

Then not choosing Senator Clinton as a running mate, a move that would almost certainly ensure election, tells me that Senator Barack Obama would rather risk losing the election than spend the next four years with Senator Clinton and her husband within his administration should he win.

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A Social Media Moment

As the King of Social Media, I thought my friends might enjoy this:

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Developmental Opportunities

Permit me to draw your attention to three important offerings coming up:

December 2-3, Providence, RI (The Crowne Plaza Hotel)
The intent is simple. Building on my work with individuals around the globe, I want to help you: Identify the uncertainties, perceived vulnerabilities, and situations which cause you to perform at less than your optimal capacity; understand the causes of those dynamics, and receive timely yet non-threatening feedback about how to resolve them; master and apply techniques that will help you maintain and manifest a high self-esteem level “in the moment” when it is most needed; avoid the debris and detritus in your life which tend to damage self-esteem, and focus on the routes of least resistance to self-worth and its manifestation. In brief, personally and professionally, you will be able to deal with daily routine and exceptional circumstances; with varied and often tough personalities in your life; and to overcome the problems caused by pressure, unfamiliarity, and perceived threat.

Pittsburgh, PA, January 7, 2009 (Airport Marriott)
A half-day on value based fees, and a half-day on how to make top money in a bottom economy. For newcomers and veterans alike, boost your business immediately. Attend both sessions and receive these bonuses: Lunch, a session on maximizing your web presence and marketing, and free membership for one year in the Society for Advancement of Consulting®.

Sydney, Australia, February 19-21, 2009
Only unique people will share this 2.5-day program to learn the major tactics required to move to and through the million dollar mark. THE US SESSION IS ALREADY SOLD OUT IN MARCH. We will help you become a visible thought leader in your field, create “communities” of support, engage in advanced promotional tactics, and a lot more. We’ll also be sharing the best practices of the Million Dollar Club. This will be quickly sold-out. It is the first program I’m premiering outside of the US.

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Nantucket Journal: August 23, 2008

It’s 9:45 pm and we’re sailing home on the smaller ferry, Nantucket. My car is lost among SUVs with roof storage units and four bikes on the tailgates. Assorted dogs are making the trip. Public school begins before Labor Day these days (which is ridiculous) and so the people arriving with kids must be the private school parents, and those sailing back with us, the public.

We won’t get in until 11:15, and then it will be a 90-minute trip home. But we like to spend the entire last day on the island, and went to church, had dinner, and headed for the dock. People are watching the Olympic marathon on the high def televisions in the lounges on the ferry, and here I am on the ship’s own WIFI system. I’m also contemplating a hot dog, but I digress.

Nantucket is one of those places which creates high expectations and then lives up to them each time. It is serene, sophisticated, and stylish, but also casual and accessible. Even the good restaurants have space where two-week reservations were once the norm.

I made my reservations for next year, same suite, same week. The inn makes the reservation, figures out near year-end what the rates will be, then charges me appropriately in January. They demand 100% paid in advance, but how can I, of all people, argue with that?!

Thanks for reading my journal. Advance warning: Starting September 4 I’ll be writing a journal from the largest suite on the Queen Mary 2 as we sail the North Atlantic. And there will be some surprises with that one, which will proceed through London and Italy. I hope you’ll come aboard for the ride.

Maria just brought me the hot dog.



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Nantucket Journal: August 22, 2008

A gorgeous day at the beach. Perhaps five of us on the cusp of the Atlantic, along with the occasional sandpiper and gull. Finished Original Sin (tough sledding, but fascinating) and started on Cialdini’s Yes.

Dinner at the Club Car, octopus and then rack of lamb with an outstanding Heitz Cellars. Then a Cohiba accompanied by a 133-year old Madeira, under a few thousand stars with just the crickets and cicadas for company.

I’ll let the photos tell the story.

(Click on images to enlarge)

Our private beach:

Shared with a sandpiper:

Heavy duty reading:

Scenes of the inn:

Scenes of town:

Mitch the bartender with my martini and stuffed olives:

After a long day’s work, a Cohiba and an 1875 Madeira:

© Alan Weiss 2008. All rights reserved.

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Alan’s New Books

A lot of you have been asking about coming books, and there are so many that it’s confusing me, let alone my agent. Here’s the latest scoop:
Value Based Fees, second edition, from Wiley, duo out in the fall.
Getting Started in Consulting, third edition, from Wiley, in the fall or winter.
Million Dollar Consulting, the FOURTH EDITION (Yea!!), from McGraw-Hill, next fall.
Strategic Commitment, (with Mader and Liebner) from Amacom, this fall or winter.
Global Consulting, (with Kahn) from Wiley, in September in Asia, December in the US
Winning the War for Talent, (with MacKay) from Wiley, next fall.

And another book written by me, very powerful, next year, the contract isn’t yet signed.

Fortunately, I strive for volume over accuracy. Million Dollar Consulting, the franchise book, is going into Portuguese, my ninth published language. There is another book, co-authored with Chad Barr, on the horizon.

These will take me to 35 books, counting new editions.

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Nantucket Journal: August 21, 2008

I’m sitting on the terrace at 7:30 in the morning, listening to the flag halyard creak in the omnipresent sea breeze. The lawn chairs stand like sentinels watching the bay.

Very few people are about. The papers haven’t arrived—they’re on a later plane today—but the coffee is available in the inn, a cup next to my lap top at the moment. People will start wandering by for breakfast soon, though most of us wait until much later.

There is a surprising calm here in the morning. In the distance I can hear the waves lapping the shore, and more closely a rustle of wind through vegetation (which grows before your eyes). But no gulls shrieking, no insects clicking, no random conversations (and, thank heaven, no cell phones, which are restricted).

Last night we were at The Pearl, another favorite, where the exotic fish swim behind your shoulders watching you eat, while they eat. I had my first “sparkling sake” for desert, which strangely enough went well with my dish of sticky rice.

Before dinner, at the bar here, I had my usual fine “people experience” over a martini, which fuels a bit of extroversion in me. I met a very young couple who live only four blocks from my daughter in Manhattan (whose baby shower we threw just last week). He’s an investment guy at Morgan Stanley and she’s just out of law school. Then I met a woman, bedecked in bling, whose eyebrows could not move, done up like a donut, who had at least ten years on me. She lives in Florida, but spends time here, in California, and in Capri.

Last year I met a doctor working on an important medical paper on his lap top at the bar, and Stone Phillips, the reporter, entered and made sure he introduced himself to all of us. The year before that, Ted Kennedy wandered in to chat for a few minutes. One year I met a dazzling woman who told me she spends her time in Fisher Island, San Francisco, London, and Rome. Her work? “Oh, I don’t really have any,” she said honestly enough, sipping her Chardonnay. The bar is never crowded, just fascinating. Who know who I’ll meet tonight?

Or, thinking of Cal LeMon, who looked across a boat in the Caymans and said, “Aren’t you Alan Weiss?”, who know who will meet me?!

(Click on images to enlarge)

© Alan Weiss 2008. All rights reserved.

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Nantucket Journal: August 20, 2008

Beautiful sunset last night at The Galley restaurant. The sun just made it between the lowest cloud level and the horizon. I was wishing I had brought my camera until I realized that I had my IPhone.

The government at work: James, who has greeted us for 15 years and worked here for 20, couldn’t make it from his native Jamaica because the government changed the immigration laws and limited part-time workers. Those who come in the first part of the year, during the winter, fill the quota early. So a man who has tried to do the legal and right thing to help his family for two decades is suddenly excluded. No wonder polls show respect for Congress at an all-time low.

The rain held off until the evening yesterday and it was another fine day on the bay. Today we’re off to the ocean and the beach (for those of you in New Jersey, the “shore”).

(Click on images to enlarge)

Sunset on Nantucket:

Land protected from development:

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