Notes on These Economic Times

Are you capitalizing on these economic times? It is a great time to be a consultant. Listen to this podcast and you will hear why Alan feels the economic rebound may be sooner than later, what are the new efficiencies for organizations and much more. and now also on iTunes Click Here for entire podcast series table of contents © Alan Weiss 2009. All rights reserved.

The Compleat Consultant

1. Never assume the other party is damaged. Assume they are as healthy as you and intent on improvement unless they demonstrate otherwise. 2. Never focus on a sale, a fee, or “business.” Focus on the value you provide and the extent to which you can improve the client’s condition. 3. Do not develop close relationships with non-buyers, including virtually everyone in human resources and training, or you will be seen as their peer, and they are virtually never buyers …

Why Some People Are Doing So Well in A “Bad” Economy

NOTE:This originally appeared in RainToday, where I am a contributing editor. I know a great many people having the best financial year of their lives. I certainly am. None of us is an investor who guessed right on the market (I’m primitive: I buy and hold on like my dogs with a bone). None of us is in a “safe” marketplace, such as pet supplies, or health care, or pharmaceuticals. None of us has a “guaranteed” renewable large account. And …

Mass of Gratitude Tomorrow Morning

Thursday morning Maria and I will be at a mass on behalf of all of those who prayed, called, wrote, and otherwise supported our family as our granddaughters fought through the travails of premature birth last September. Both girls are home, doing well, and we’re forever indebted to your good will and wonderful thoughts. This is our small way of acknowledging your kindness. Thank you all.

Auction Closes for $38,500

Thank you all for your generosity, at $5500 we have Rob Novak, Pat Lynch, Libby Wagner and Kim Wilkerson, Dan Weedin, Eric Pelton, Ed Poll.That raises $33,000 for the Newport International Film Festival, and the board thanks you all! I believe I omitted Gary Patterson, so the total is now $38,500!

Rob Novak Wins Auction, Others Can Still Benefit

Rob Novak wins, my congratulations and sincere thanks for his generosity. If Ed Poll, Steve Whiteside, Dan Weeden, or Mark Rodgers (or anyone else) wants to commit today to $5500, I will provide the same benefits and lower Rob’s bid to that amount, a win/win/win. Everyone will have the individual day, plus the other benefits. I need to know before tomorrow, then we’ll schedule things. Rob, hold tight until then, you may not have to spend quite so much!

Auction Closes Soon

Less than two hours to bid on dinner, a day with me to help with your business and life balance, free tickets for two to the Newport International Film Festival, a signed original book, and more, in one package. Go here: Auction closes at noon Eastern. Current bid is $6,000. Increments of at least $250, please.

Consulting Is Up, Not Down

Business Week reports the results of a combination of Bureau of Labor Statistics figures and Standard & Poor’s/Case-Shiller 20-City Composite Home Price Index, and the producer price index, in the February 16 issue. Prices for things such as gasoline have fallen 43%, homes 18%, vehicles 3%. “Management and technical consulting services” are up 1.7% from December 2007 through December 2008. In this economy, this profession is slowly growing, and I know a great many consultants whose businesses are up by …

Consulting Help Wanted

Our growing business has an immediate need for experienced New Jersey-based consultants who are independent, self driven, and highly motivated to proactively sell, educate, and develop leaders and management teams. Our current client base includes mid-sized to Fortune 500 companies. Augur Inc., now in its 13th year, provides client companies with objective resources and quality programs to help them identify how to improve individual and organizational effectiveness. This role is daily fee and/or commission based. Please contact: Kathleen P. Frank, …