Favorite Letter of the Day

I’m blessed because people from all over the world write to me daily. This one started me off excellently this morning: Alan: I have to tell you that I read your newsletter every month… decided to get to your March newsletter this morning while eating breakfast and ended up shooting milk out of my nose after reading the ORTIYKM… section. As much as I get out of your newsletters… that section is really why I keep reading.. 🙂 Thanks for …

Have I Erred?

Is it possible that Alan may have finally admitted that he has erred? And if so, isn’t it to simply escape guilt? Well, I guess you will have to listen to this podcast so I don’t have to admit my own error. Well … OK, I’m sorry! and now also on iTunes Click Here for entire podcast series table of contents © Alan Weiss 2009. All rights reserved.

What Would Alan Say?

I’m introducing key chains, with a flashlight, with the initials WWAS and the inscription below, “What Would Alan Say?” Remind yourself to think through the issue while shedding light on the problem! These are $10, checks only, NO CREDIT CARDS, made out to East Greenwich Animal Protection League (EGAPL is fine). Price includes shipping, allow two weeks, 100% of your purchase goes to protecting strays and homeless animals with a “no kill” policy, incredibly important in these economic times. What …

World Travels

(Click on image to enlarge) That’s me on the right, Libby Wagner, member of the Mentor Hall of Fame, Michael Sheargold, member of the Million Dollar Club, and Rob Nixon, member of both, during my recent trip to Queenstown, New Zealand to spend a day addressing 200 members of Rob’s coaching clubs. We’re in front of Lake Wakatipu, which continues for over 50 miles.

Shameless Promotion and Getting Started in Consulting

The third edition of Getting Starting in Consulting, the most successful book in the history of Wiley’s “Getting Started” series, has just been released. It includes my responses to questions readers raised after the first two editions. You can find it on Amazon or on my site in about a week or so. The first session of my new workshop, Shameless Promotion, has sold out, but we have two candidates for a second session, with room for two more. You …