Don’t Look Now V

Here is a sample of areas in the economy currently hiring at a healthy rate: Retail Health Care Professional Business Services Financial Insurance Hotel and Hospitality Food Services There are tens of thousands of organizations and firms in those areas which can constitute your prospects. What are you doing to attract them to you?

Sudden Death

You never know when your times comes. We are not here to stick our toes in the water, we are here to make waves. Listen to Alan’s fascinating story and his own close encounter. and now also on iTunes Click Here for entire podcast series table of contents © Alan Weiss 2009. All rights reserved.

Shameless Promotion

I have a space for two people in a four-person Shameless Promotion Workshop, which will be my third one: Send me an email ( if you’re interested, or just sign up at that address. The two-days will be scheduled at mutual convenience. The fee includes lodging, gourmet meals and wine, and local transportation.

Don’t Look Now IV

From today’s New York Times, “Despite Recession, High Demand for Skilled Labor,” by Louis Uchitelle, an excerpt: Some jobs need qualified help: “Welder is one, employers report. Critical care nurse is another. Electrical lineman is yet another, particularly those skilled in stringing high-voltage wires across the landscape. Special education teachers are in demand. So are geotechnical engineers, trained in geology as well as engineering, a combination sought for oil field work. Respiratory therapists, who help the ill breathe, are not …

New Book Signing

Josh Leibner, Gershon Mader, and Alan at their book signing in the Campbell Apartments at Grand Central Station in New York, for “The Power of Strategic Commitment: Achieving Extraordinary Results Through TOTAL Alignment and Engagement”

The Case for Value Based Fees in “Stubborn” Professions

This is an article I published recently in Rob Nixon’s “Proactive,” June 2009, in Australia ( The Case for Value Based Fees In the “Stubborn” Professions Alan Weiss Value-based fees are becoming increasingly popular with consultants, since I pioneered the movement in the early 90s with the publication of Million Dollar Consulting, now in its fourth edition, and reinforced with Value Based Fees a few years ago, now in its second edition. A “value-based fee” is a fee that is …

Don’t Look Now III

We’re just about at mid-year, and the market is up by 40%. A lawyer was whining to me at a board meeting a couple of months ago that the Dow had fallen by 50% from its high point, and would have to gain by 100% to reach its former levels. I’m no mathematician, but if we gained 40% for this entire year, and another 40% next year, gee, that’s back to where we were. There will be more turmoil, housing …

Anchors Aweigh (Go Navy)!

Received a call from a Captain Mike Sherlock today, who is deputy director of the strategic research department at the Naval War College in Newport. He said he had been sent my blog entry (“Sir, No Sir!”) and wanted to apologize for the behavior of the colonel. He said that this was an aberration, and not how the vast majority of the attendees acted. I agreed, and told him that of 1,000 people present, there were likely to be a …