Fat Chance at Fat Bagels

There is an upscale tavern on Main Street here called Fat Bellys. They serve some nice single malt scotch, good burgers, and even have salads. They do a healthy lunch and dinner business, so when a storefront became vacant directly across the street, the owners figured that this was the opportunity for them to get the morning crowd, and they opened Fat Bagels. And now the difference between strategy and implementation: There are a dozen or so coffee shops within …

Alan Weiss’s 2010 Teleconference Series

I’ve just released details of my 2010 teleconferences, and they will be the most powerful of their kind for professional services. There is a major discount available prior to Dec. 31, 2009. Details and registration are here: http://bit.ly/czt25 And here is the high-powered content: March 12: Million Dollar Ideas I’ll present insights, ideas, provocation, and outrage on how to develop new products, services, relationships, and value for your business. For example, how about an “app” for your business?! April 23: …

Business Valuator Needed

I need someone who can valuate and help in the sale of a small consulting business. I’m handling this for a third party. Please contact me at bentleyGTC@summitconsulting.com. NOTE: Individual must have sterling references, experience in selling small consulting firms.

Scenes and Sounds from the Million Dollar Club in St. Lucia 2009

Some casual and work scenes (hard to tell apart) with the members and partners of the Million Dollar Club (MDC) in St. Lucia in early November. I’m forming a second club, please contact me for details. Watch the three videos below: Listen to what participants had to say about this amazing experience: Our MDC friend, Michael Sheargold, discusses letting go at the peak of the Piton Mountain in St. Lucia and at the peak of Alan Weiss’s Million Dollar Club. …

Alan Weiss’s Monday Morning Memo® – 11/16/09

Alan's Monday Morning Memo

Alan Weiss’s Monday Morning Memo®’s mission is to help readers to thrive. November 16, 2009—Issue #9 This week’s focus point: Ask what your customer or client requires to correct a situation perceived as sub-standard. Nine times out of ten they will ask for a resolution that is less expensive, easier, and more personalized for them than you otherwise would have provided on your own. Monday Morning Perspective: My mother said to me, “If you become a soldier, you’ll be a …

Bad Habits to Break

Chronic bad habits: • Assuming the client himself or herself is the cause of the problem. They were smart enough to hire you, and even good people need help. Never assume your client is damaged unless you see evidence (e.g., they yell at subordinates, badmouth colleagues publicly, etc.). • Allowing yourself to be ushered out of the office. If the buyer asks for a proposal, for example, prior to a thorough discussion or conceptual agreement, then you’re just pursuing a …

Women in Consulting Event

I’ll be speaking for Women in Consulting in January in San Francisco. As a member of my community, you can attend at a special discounted rate. All proceeds to to support this non-profit organization, my contribution is pro bono. Information and registration: http://wic.kintera.org/jan142010event Discount: WIC member price available by entering this code when you register: SaC0907


Alaina Marie and Gabrielle Victoria were Christened yesterday, hard to believe this year has flown by with such good news and good health. Maria and I would like to thank everyone once again for good thoughts, prayers, and well wishes for our granddaughters. We thought of you all. One of the priests invited my daughter and son-in-law to move up here from New York because, “We need more Yankee fans in this part of the country!”