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Thought Leadership in Consulting

Here is the thinking of the third Shameless Promotion Workshop (Bart Sayle, Victoria Labalme, Andrew Hollo, Alex Goldfayn, representing the US, UK, and Australia) on the manifestations of REAL thought leadership in consulting:

• You are able to change others’ perspectives.
• People turn to you first as THE authority.
• You are constantly teaching others, formally and informally.
• You coin phrases, metaphors, concepts, and models which others quickly embrace.
• You are quoted and cited often in the media and by distinguished others in the profession.
• You make the complex simple and pragmatic (instantiation).
• You make the explicit implicit, and the implicit explicit. (Create general standards but also enable individuals to use them intuitively.)
• You are known by every knowledgeable person in your field or niche, whether they agree with you or not.
• You have proprietary materials, trademarks, and brands, the strongest of which is your name.
• You have an impressive array of clients, examples, applications, war stories, and a substantial track record of success.
• You regularly generate new intellectual capital which you turn into intellectual property.
• You are in the public eye.

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Flooding In Rhode Island

These are pictures of our pond and river in the worst flooding conditions in 25 years, at least. We’re fortunate, since our home is on higher ground on the property. Many people in adjoining towns have been forced to flee. It is still raining here.

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You Can’t Retire on Testimonials

According to a study done by the Center for Retirement Research at Boston College and reported in Bottom Line, half of retirees in the future will not have enough money to sustain their current lifestyle when they stop working. That’s an increase from 44% just three years ago. Large drops in investment and home value are obviously part of the cause.

Make sure you pay yourself. You should be using revenues to fund your life style, pay your business expenses, fund retirement options to the maximum allowed by law, build a vacation fund, build future expense needs (e.g., college educations, weddings), and maintain an emergency fund to cover anything from natural disaster to prolonged illness. (And, of course, obtain intelligent insurance coverage such as disability and comprehensive medical, along with umbrella liability and errors and omissions.)

The younger you are, the better your opportunity, but the more probably you’re putting this off. Create separate bank accounts if you must, but make sure that you’re not living the good life now and creating a rough life later.

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Newest Million Dollar Consulting® College Graduates

The latest group of international graduates of the Million Dollar Consulting® College at the Castle Hill Inn in Newport, RI.

Left to right: Todd Ordal, Richard Citrin, David Martin, Scott Beilke, Garry Beavis (Australia), Pat Lefler,  Dr. Sally Wright, Andrew Hollo (Australia); front row, Mark Donovan (Ireland), Alan Weiss

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Dog Days (Episode 43)

Click Here for entire series table of contents

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The Adventures of Koufax and Buddy Beagle

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Million Dollar Consulting® College Lessons

This list compiled mid-course by Sally Wright and Andrew Hollo:

* A day of group work with Alan is worth weeks or months of struggle by yourself.
* Laughter increases learning.
* Everyone else has self esteem issues, too.
* Practice, practice, practice talking to EBs with your mirror, your dog, your spouse, your friends.
* Speak anytime and anywhere on your value proposition–it gives you practice, publicity, and experience.
* A group of motivated consultants facilitated by Alan creates an incredibly powerful synergy.
* If you are seen as a peer of human resources, you will never be seen as a peer of CEOs.
* If you haven’t gotten a hit on your last 4 proposals, don’t say “I’m not cut out for this business.” Say “I must be doing
something wrong.” And get help.
* You truly do create your own perceptions. Get the baggage off the train.
* Know where the conversation is going before you start it.
* People in the Mentor Program who are the most successful share four commonalities:
a) they are non-defensive
B) they have highly developed senses of humor (laughter increases endorphins)
c) they participate in many of Alan’s activities and have a commitment to lifelong learning.
d) they have no fear of failure—and they’ve LEARNED to be that way.
*Value is ‘how the client is improved’; Brand is ‘what I offer’
* Practice talking about what I do, at the drop of a hat, in a dramatic fashion
* Redefine every corporate objective as a personal objective
* Deliberately abandon old business
* “Be diagnostic in my marketing; prescriptive in my delivery” – in other words, use models / concepts to help clients diagnose their problems BEFORE I make the sale, then prescribe solutions, don’t let them tell me what they need.
* “Build on success; don’t correct weaknesses” – basically, this is Alan’s unwavering philosophy, asking “What just worked? I gotta do more of that!” in a 100% rigorous way. Coupled with this is, “I’m totally unafraid of failure; I don’t experience doubt. Ever. It doesn’t mean I don’t get things wrong; I just do them differently next time”. It’s the purest manifestation of the philosophy of abundance.
* “Unbundle” – rather than offer ‘strategic planning’ I can split what I do into at least 12 different products which I can combine into different options. This means that Option A is affordable but not labour intensive; while Option C may be more labour intensive but very lucrative.
* “Spend 50% of your time marketing” – this means transfer work to the client, subcontract anything that’s not relationship bound, and streamline delivery by only telling clients what they need to know, not what I think they need to know.
* Language controls the discussion. The discussion controls the relationship.
* Be flexible enough to match your social style with the style of the buyer
* Models add enormous value because they engage the buyer in the prescription. You can draw a quick model and then ask the buyer where he thinks his organization is.
* The first sale is to yourself. Get this in your bones.

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Alan’s Monday Morning Memo – 3/22/10

Alan’s Monday Morning Memo’s mission is to help readers to thrive.

March 22, 2010—Issue #27

This week’s focus point: You can use judgment without being judgmental. Slapping labels on people (High M, RNTJ, expressive/compulsive/regressive) diminishes communication and makes the tacit assumption that they are somehow damaged and inferior because they are in a “category.” Once you start seeing “types” and stop seeing people, you’ve stopped applying your judgment and your discernment, and you’re no longer listening and learning.

Monday Morning Perspective: A narcissist is someone better looking than you are. — Gore Vidal

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Contact information:
ISSN 2151-0091

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Using a Commercially Published Book to Secure Consulting Engagements

This is a remarkable and rare interview where  Seth Kahan, author of Freelance Fortune, interviews Dr. Alan Weiss on the topic of leveraging a commercially published book to gain consulting engagements. Don’t miss this interview where Alan discusses: all you need to know about book publishing, the accelerant curve and bounce factor, what is the ultimate purpose of a book, why he seems to perceive the world differently than us and what even you can do about it, why he reads military history, National Speakers Association and prostitution. Don’t miss it!

and now also on iTunes

Click Here for entire podcast series table of contents

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The Adventures of Koufax and Buddy Beagle

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