Why You Have To Love Government Work

At the post office I asked the desk clerk if there were a difference between first class letter rates for stamps and metered mail, since my Pitney Bowes meter affixes 48 cents but the official rate is 49 cents. “There might be,” she said, “I’ve seen both.” That’s like asking the general, “Are we at war?” “We might be, some tanks went by this morning. I think they were ours.”   © Alan Weiss 2014

Guest Column: Execution IS the Strategy

Laura Stack is the former president of the National Speakers Association, and organizer of The Elite Retreat, which I facilitate each January. She’s also a good buddy and loves Corvettes. Her new book launches next week.   Execution IS the Strategy:  How Leaders Achieve Maximum Results in Minimum Time by Laura Stack, MBA, CSP   Just like the old gray mare of legend, strategic planning just ain’t what it used to be. The beloved five-year plan—complete with projections and detailed financials—is history. …

What If Facebook Required An IQ Test?

I decided to read every Facebook post on my home page (or whatever it is) this morning right to the bottom, and I found….wait for it….that all but two were stupid, vain, or just wrong. And these are the people I haven’t blocked yet! Who on earth can put more than ten minutes a day into this time dump? My favorites this morning: 1. I’m going to begin posting motivational sayings daily. Wish me luck. 2. I’m back from Florida …

Obesity Down for Children, It Won’t Please Everyone

Today’s New York Times:   Obesity Rate for Young Children Plummets 43% in a Decade By SABRINA TAVERNISE The data, reported in a major federal health survey, offered the first clear evidence that America’s children have turned a corner in the obesity epidemic, and came as a surprise to researchers.   Do you know why it surprised researchers? Because we have entire industries dedicated to reporting and trying to prove calamity, chaos, and conspiracy. We have too many people who only …

Alan’s Thought For Today

Michelangelo was supposed to have explained that he created David out of a single block of marble by carving away everything that didn’t look like the David. Your career should revolve around those things you are passionate about and are superb at accomplishing. Carve away everything that doesn’t look like that, and you’ll be your own work of art. © Alan Weiss 2014

I Don’t Need to Learn, I Just Need to Pass

The New York Post revealed a high school in New York allowing zero class attendance and credits for simply watching videos. The students were encouraged to write, attacking the Post for the exposé. The letters could have been written by parakeets simply walking over keyboards. Here’s the state of our “higher” education:   http://nypost.com/2014/02/23/students-defend-murry-bergtraum-hs-in-error-filled-letters/

Alan Weiss’s Monday Morning Memo® – 2/24/14

Alan's Monday Morning Memo

This week’s focus point: Once again, we witness a stunning revolution, this time in the Ukraine. The real question now, as in Egypt and Libya, is freedom for what purpose? Will people join in collaboration to create reforms, or will a variety of self-interests create fiefdoms, chaos, even separate states? Ironically, the capture of the world’s most notorious drug kingpin, El Chapo in Mexico, will more likely see a new “CEO” take over, as would be the case when a …

Initial This

A woman contacted me on Linkedin, told me she’s reading two of my books, tried two approaches, and they didn’t work the way she had hoped, so I should change my approaches. She also told me to remove part of my advice on finances to new consultants because she doesn’t agree with it. She has nine initials and two commas after her name. I don’t know why she even reads my books, she apparently already knows everything, and if something …