Problem Solved

You can’t remove a problem unless you remove the cause. You can choose to live with the  effects and try to ameliorate them (adaptive action—a bucket under the leak) but you can’t correct it without eliminating the cause (fix hole in the roof—corrective action). If you know the cause of your discomfort or problem, then you no longer have a problem. You have a decision to make as to how to deal with it—remove it or live with it. (Every …

Alan Weiss’s Monday Morning Memo® – 5/18/15

Alan's Monday Morning Memo

This week’s focus point: When someone gives you an option or alternative to critique or improve, first ask what the objective is. Don’t try to improve a route unless you know the destination, otherwise you’re washing a car with a flat tire to try to get to dinner. The worth of an alternative is dependent on the nature of the goal you are supposed to achieve AND the risks inherent in the alternative. Objectives and alternatives without considering risk are …

Decision Indecision

Don’t try to help a client with an alternative unless you know the client’s objective. That is, don’t help to chart a course without knowing the destination. Should a management retreat be on site or off site, one day or two days? Who knows? What’s the objective of the retreat? (Maybe it’s the wrong solution altogether.) Don’t launch an alternative even if you do know the objective without considering risk. There is always some amount of risk, albeit it minor …

Another Fraud from Czech Republic

RPT services is another fraud, asking for $2,548.25 (nice invented number, huh?) to register one of my trademarks internationally. From Praha, Czech Republic. (Praha translates as “joke is on you.”) If we eliminated these mailings, with the inheritances from the Nigerians, and the SEO crap from India, maybe the internet could just focus on communications?

My New Passive Income

Since I pioneered value based fees for the consulting profession, I’ve decided to enable people to use technology to accomplish this even more quickly.   You can have one of these for just $125,000, it will pay the investment back ten-thousand fold in mere weeks. (photo courtesy of Andy Bass in the UK)

Let’s All Jump To Cause

Problem solving is a key skill in a consultant’s tool kit, especially because so many people “jump to cause.” This means they assume a cause, given their biases or ignorance, instead of analytically determining cause and validating it. You can’t remove or prevent a problem without knowing its cause. This “jump to cause” could be a bias made evident: “Well, what do you expect from a woman?” It could be a political agenda: “That’s a typical screwup from R&D.” It …

Fraud Alert

Note that the World Patent & Trademark Service (WPTS) and the International Trademarks and Patents Organization (IPTO) are both frauds, both out of Czech Republic, probably run  by the same crooks. They offer zero additional protection for your trademarks. They get your name off trademark lists that are published by law. You might as well throw your money into a bonfire, although that, at least, will keep you warm.

Hypocrisy Unleashed

There’s a squeaky wheel talk show host in Providence by the name of John DePetro. He went to Boston for a while, but was fired when he called female protestors “fat lesbians” on his talk show. In Rhode Island, he was excoriated for calling patrons at a local bar, who are not disruptive or disrespectful, “white trash,” and called for the bar’s closing. I believe he felt they were too close to his car. On the show this morning he took …