Beware of Cavemen

I’m walking out of the Capital Grill in Providence last night—very upscale, wonderful food, superb service, great environment—and I notice a guy in a booth who has picked up his bone-in ribeye, and is gnawing the meat off the bone, with steak shmutz all over his mouth. This is why I believe we all have the right to carry tasers and use them for offenses against nature.

Catch Me in Philly, October 16

Morning Session: 9am to 12pm The National Speakers Association, Philadelphia Chapter is THRILLED to announce that on Friday, October 16, Alan Weiss, Ph. D, CSP, & CPAE will be in Philadelphia to speak on the topic The Million Dollar Mindset, based upon his 60th book, appearing next year. Alan Weiss is the Ultimate Consultant for Consultants. Discover Alan’s proven method for value-based pricing that will result in your clients never asking for lower prices again. If you have customers or clients, this …

Alan Weiss’s Monday Morning Memo® – 9/14/15

Alan's Monday Morning Memo

It was 14 years ago that a client manager, Leon Rawitz, and I decided to drive back from LA when we realized planes might not fly again for weeks. We drove back in 2.5 days to the east coast, spending a brief night in Denver and in Charleston, West Virginia, where we parted ways and he went south, I north. We had a dollar gas station map (no GPS) and his cell plugged into a car charger. We watched thunderstorms …


Dublin: Trinity College; the park where the Pope celebrated mass for a million people; Mathilde Castle; the restoration of the painting of the Battle of the Boyne in which 16 or 17 ruling Talbot nobles were killed.  

Fitzwilliam Hotel in Dublin

We’re returning from the Fitzwilliam in the heart of Dublin. If you ever get the chance, stay there. The service is stunning, the food excellent (Thornton’s is rated the best restaurant in Dublin for 2015), and the location unsurpassed. I’m also impressed that the service levels in Ireland are wonderful, far superior to continental Europe and the UK. Every restaurant, pub, store, and transportation option have truly helpful and courteous employees. Even airport security was gracious. Ireland is splendid place, …

Alan Weiss’s Monday Morning Memo® – 9/7/15

Alan's Monday Morning Memo

The entire point of bureacracy is the triumph of means over ends. The results don’t matter, only that the rules are strictly followed. Filling out a form in the wrong color ink sends you to the back of the line. I recall a guy at a fast food joint in California who told me to step to the next window for drink orders, and then the same guy appeared over there. The immigration rules across Europe don’t matter so much …