Alan Weiss’s Monday Morning Memo® – 01/23/17

Alan's Monday Morning Memo

We tend to think that “now” is the way it will always be. We make projections based on today instead of painting pictures of the future. We become actuaries and accountants instead of dreamers and artists. And we also fool ourselves that “today” is the most important time ever. I’m writing this on January 22. Here are some past occurrences on this date: In 1771, Spain ceded the Falkland Islands to Britain. In 1901, Queen Victoria of Britain died at …

Pulling the Trigger

I’ve dealt with a lot of people with great intentions, but who can’t “pull the trigger.” Their eye is on the target, the weapon is in fine shape, and the conditions are ideal. But they don’t fire. They don’t sign up for coaching. They don’t commit to the workshop. They put off the book project. They talk, plan, review, set a date—and never pull the trigger. “I want to close another contract.” “I’ll be in a better place in six …

The Mountaintop

Trinity Rep is currently performing The Mountaintop by Katori Hall (directed by Kent Gash). It takes place in a single 100-minute act in the motel room outside of which Martin Luther King was shot on the balcony. It is a supernatural play about a hotel maid cum angel (Mia Ellis) who prepared King (Joe Wilson, Jr.) for his death. Wilson is a Trinity actor of long-standing and great versatility (he was the emcee in Cabaret, for example) and this is …

Aspirational Performance

People are tending to buy “aspirational performance” more than true performance. They buy strong brands without experiencing them first. They walk into the theater loving a play like Hamilton before it even starts and without having heard one line live. What aspirations are you placing in front of, or indicating you’ll fulfill for, your prospects?

Trick Question: What’s Your Job?

I’m working at my computer when room service arrives. I let her in and continue my writing while she sets up. BUT she insists on trying to engage me in conversation, explain the food (it’s cereal, very difficult to figure out), and chat. She’s told to engage the guests but not told and/or doesn’t have the common sense not to interrupt a busy guest. l You have to hire intelligence, not robots.

Thank You for Arriving at My Blog, yada, yada, yada….

I called the Mandarin Oriental in Miami today to arrange something for my arrival. As they are required to do, the operator has a 15-second or so introduction involving the hotel’s name, her name, and a greeting, then an offer of help. Sometimes the hotel’s credentials and awards are also recited. These are created by some dimwitted management committee which doesn’t realize guests want a fast response, not an announcement that they are happy to be of service. All of …

Alan Weiss’s Monday Morning Memo® – 01/16/17

Alan's Monday Morning Memo

We miss far too much while embroiled in minor matters. People have their faces planted in their phones while an eagle flies overhead with a fish (or, worse, a car approaches them with another texting driver). Intent on selfies, tourists miss the grandeur or the lake, or temple, or mountain. Focused on getting their money’s worth from the buffet, diners miss the pleasure of conversation. (I recently watched two parents and their two kids all punching their phones amidst Christmas …


A “nexus” is a connecting point or meeting place. A great idea in isolation is the tree falling in an uninhabited forrest. A great list of prospects in isolation is a telephone book. What is the nexus you need to create to bring your best IP to your ideal buyers? Be careful, because if you contact the wrong people you’re wasting money, and if you contact the right people with an uninteresting idea, you’re wasting relationships. © Alan Weiss 2017