Reporting the Facts

The New York Daily News screamed that the horrible attack at the Annapolis Star was caused by right-wing extremism against the media. Sean Hannity, responding to the event, who is a conservative commentator, said that he predicted liberal Congressional Representative Maxine Waters would create extremism from the left with her reckless calls for action against President Trump. (He now denies this.) The violence was apparently from a man who had a long standing grudge against the newspaper and who had filed defamation …

Going From Where to Where

There seems to be a groundswell of interest in these services that tell you your lineage. You may find potential relatives or correct your assumptions about where you’re from. Instead of being Serbian, which you were told by your family, you’re actually Cherokee. I think there might also be a Neanderthal connection that’s provided. I find it interesting that there’s so much of a fascination about where we’re from, while at the same time most people don’t seem to focus …

Podcast – The Uncomfortable Truth – Episode 38: I Suffer, Therefore I Am

How suffering has become the proof of existence and why we all need to reflect back on Descartes.  Why do so many people feel like they’re not truly living until they’re suffering and exhibiting it out to the world?

A New Idea to Generate New Ideas

Someone was talking about a client’s “global IT leader” yesterday. I immediately began to wonder why clients don’t have “global IP (intellectual property) leaders.” Why don’t organizations create more accountability for creating new ideas, innovation, and original approaches to delight existing customers and attract new ones? What about you? Are you acting as a global IP leader for your clients (and for yourself)?


When you walk into a buyer’s office, who are you? Are you a business expert who is evaluating whether or not this prospect makes sense to work with, or are you a scared sales person trying to avoid losing business and focused on making money?

Alan Weiss’s Monday Morning Memo® – 6/25/18

Alan's Monday Morning Memo

The dogs and I went for coffee yesterday morning. We passed a dozen people walking their dogs at 6:30. I see every one because Bentley barks at every one. He reminds me of China, constantly extending its territorial waters. When he’s in the truck, anything he can see he regards as his turf. Every dog walker was armed with the appropriate baggie to dispose of waste. (I’m extremely thankful that my dogs have their own property to take care of …

To Tell the Truth

Ask yourself this tough question, you don’t have to share your candid response with anyone: When you sit down with prospective buyers, how do you think they see you? As a vender? As a salesperson? As a commodity? As someone who should be talking to their subordinates or HR? As an expert in a narrow field that’s not on their priority list? As a business expert who has rare value and keen insights who could be of immediate help? Hint, …