2 thoughts on “The Adventures of Koufax and Buddy Beagle

  1. Hi Alan, your drawing and composition has come along in the last couple of years. I admire you for keeping up your cartooning while working all the time. I chose not to continue my cartooning long ago when I decided to go into radio. A few years ago, I did continue moving my computer art skills forward and to put my foot to the flame to , learn while doing by entering logo making “contests”, on crowd sourced sites. I did win two jobs in a year but gave that up when business picked up. Social media for me/work and time to veg out is more valuable to me now. Kudos to you for all you do.

    • Thanks, but: I outsource the art work to a gifted artist. I create the plots and dialogue. I don’t print my own books, either, I let Wiley and McGraw-Hill do that! I also have social media professionals, and people who mow my lawn! Here’s today’s word: Leverage. Thanks for reading my stuff. THAT is all mine!

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