Adventures of A Lefty

I’ve had an operation to correct a crooked ring finger on my right hand, which put the hand in a splint from Wednesday until this coming Monday, So this righty has become a lefty, like my hero, Sandy Koufax.

My observations:

• My typing has been reduced from 60 words per minute to about 15. I’m like those airport ticket agents who use a keyboard all day but never, inexplicably, learned to type.

• My dog, Bentley, is just as happy chasing a ball, which I can throw lefty, as the Frisbee,which I can’t.

• I am eating “one-handed foods”: burgers, sandwiches, sushi, pasta, pizza, soup, wine, and vodka.

• I can drive, but not the stick shift Corvette.

• Thank God for the iPad: games, books, diversions.

• I’ve given up flossing until Monday (I hate it anyway).

• I have no desire to use dictation software.

• Can’t write checks, my wife is handling that, which is unnerving.

• Never realized command, option, and control were on each side of the space bar.

• It is hard to wash one hand.

• Phone headset is a blessing.

• I’m growing a beard.

• I’ve decided to continue to do things correctly, use proper grammar, get my work done, but I am about to watch a lot of football this weekend.

© Alan Weiss

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