Air France Beats Alitalia

We found the Alitalia flight from Boston to Rome very average. The service was present but not gracious. Only one flight attendant smiled. No one checked to see if you needed anything, you had to ask. There was no electrical power connection. The food was mediocre. The luggage did arrive fairly promptly in Rome.

Air France, from Firenze to Paris to Boston, was very good. The flight attendants were charming and proactive. The food was plentiful and excellent. Priority bags arrived in Boston very promptly. The plane accommodated US electrical connections. Even the regional carrier from Firenze used by Air France served a nice breakfast on a 90-minute flight (Why can’t US carriers do that?) for the entire plane, not just first class. The Air France Lounge in Paris is excellent, with good food and a large and helpful staff. (They provide currency adapters.)

In case you have choices in the future….

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