Alan Weiss’s Monday Morning Memo® – 10/22/12

October 22, 2012—Issue #161

This week’s focus point: We’ve seen politicians from all parties simply ignore the question asked and respond with a prepared sound bite on another topic. Every day, prognosticators on finance or technology or society get it wrong and never return to apologize (though they trumpet their lucky “hits”). The social media are rife with people making absurd claims (and I regard any professional convention as an opportunity for people to lie to each other about how well they’re doing). I believe this happens because the perpetrators don’t really respect their audience, colleagues, or listeners. They don’t regard the rest of us as wise enough to see behind the green curtain. Someone complained to me recently that not enough people liked him, and wanted advice. I told him to try liking other people, to respect them, and to be honest with them. That’s the way you attract followers, votes, support, and even evangelists.

Monday Morning Perspective: Luck is the residue of design. — Branch Rickey, legendary general manger of the Brooklyn Dodgers, who brought Jackie Robinson to the major leagues.

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