Alan Weiss’s Monday Morning Memo® – 10/28/13

October 28, 2013—Issue #214

This week’s focus point: I was chatting with Dan Pink (“Drive,” “To Sell Is Human”) in Palm Beach last week, and we rapidly agreed that purpose trumps pleading! In other words, demonstrate a higher purpose than merely a purchase, and people respond with more commitment and generosity. My favorite technique is “because.” If you begin or end your request with “because” and provide the rationale, people respond far more favorably. Instead of “Please contribute to our building fund,” try “Please contribute to our building fund because 100% of your money goes to creating improved safety in the buildings and is entirely tax deductible.” Try: “I’m asking you to stop doing that because I love you and I would never forgive myself if you were hurt in any way.”

Monday Morning Perspective: Waiting for supply-side economics to work is like leaving the landing lights on for Amelia Earhart. — economist Walter Heller

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