Alan Weiss’s Monday Morning Memo® – 11/18/13

November 18, 2013—Issue #217

This week’s focus point: The sun is rising in Hong Kong and I’m looking at the spectacular harbor through floor-to-ceiling windows. After the grim, grayness of Beijing the past week, this vibrant city is a shot of adrenaline. People ask why I’d travel halfway around the world to sightsee and hold meetings. The answer is simple: The greatest problem with death is in things left undone. Life is too short to begin with, and I don’t intend to leave what’s important to me undone. I’ve walked a small part of the Great Wall. I also want to travel a small way to Great Contribution. We are here to help each other and, ironically or perhaps logically, the more we do so the more we help ourselves. We put our own oxygen masks on first only to enable us to help others with theirs. Then we can all breathe deeply and find our way.

Monday Morning Perspective: Look for problems through a telescope, not a microscope. — Antony Jay, “Management and Machiavelli”

International Experiences: Personal Power and The Pivot Point, London and Bali: and

Improv for Marketing, LA and NYC: Learn how to stay in the moment in the buyer’s office.

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