Alan Weiss’s Monday Morning Memo® – 11/26/12

November 26, 2012—Issue #166

This week’s focus point: In business and in life, we can’t legislate away bad judgment. No law will protect us from ourselves, no corporate policy will ensure consistent success. Higher education should be about learning how to learn in constantly changing times. Adulthood should be about learning how to accept accountability in constantly challenging times. I attended an urban, average public school system, and did well. But under today’s laws and rules, my friends and I would have been arrested, expelled, or sent home weekly. Life and business are competitive, and we all have to learn the skills, cope with the unfairness, and sort out the complexities. When I chipped a tooth, tripped and fell, or lost a contest at school, my parents didn’t look for someone to sue or publicly complain. They told me to be more careful and keep my eye on the ball. I went on to play on the all-star team in Little League, and I’m not doing too badly to this day.

Monday Morning Perspective: Se non e vero e ben trovato. (If it’s not true, it might as well be.) — Anonymous

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