Alan Weiss’s Monday Morning Memo® – 2/25/13

February 25, 2013—Issue #179

This week’s focus point: The fiscal cliff will probably be more of a slope if the current impasse in the US continues. I’ve seen, in 30 years of consulting, that seemingly responsible executives often make horrendous mistakes because they are as imprudent, emotional, uncompromising, and irrational as spoiled children. It shocked me at one time (I’ve recovered) that leaders can be so oblivious to their customers, investors, and communities. Yet that is exactly what our governmental leaders are doing at the moment. They are endangering jobs, the economy, even safety because they, themselves, will be immune to any immediate repercussions. This isn’t a party issue, but a leadership issue. And this is why there are so many books, curricula, consultants, and resources focused on leadership—because it’s become obvious that it’s very difficult to teach common sense.

Monday Morning Perspective: As a king, he was quite a different man, beginning to realize perhaps that it is easier to criticize authority than it is to exercise it. — Thomas Castain on Henry IV, “Last of the Plantagenets”

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