Alan Weiss’s Monday Morning Memo® – 7/29/13

July 29, 2013—Issue #201

This week’s focus point: The display case glass in a local coffee shop exploded, requiring the owner to cover the case with cardboard and await the replacement which would take over a month. He wrote on the cardboard, “We have the usual delicious treats inside, just ask.” I did ask–I asked why he didn’t take photos of his pastries and cakes and tape them to the outside of the cardboard. It never dawned on him (this is why I make the big bucks, I guess). He was thinking of HIS issue, replacing the glass. He should have been thinking of his CUSTOMERS’ issue, choosing food. We are too often purblind because we don’t step outside the obscurity of our own shadow to view things in a better light.

Monday Morning Perspective: When there is no vision the people perish. — Proverbs (29:18)

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