Alan Weiss’s Monday Morning Memo® – 7/30/12

July 30, 2012—Issue #149

This week’s focus point: In the Olympics, “hype” doesn’t win medals, only performance does. And the performance has to be at exactly the right time and place. There is only one final event, one championship game. True champions are able to perform at their absolute best in highly pressurized situations, those which often undermine their competitors. Winning by a fraction of a point or second isn’t about superior physical conditioning, it’s about superior mental conditioning which allows you to perform at your peak in the most critical conditions. You only have one first impression with a new prospect. You only have one opportunity to quickly respond to a challenge or objection. Get your head in the game. Use the pressure to triumph, not trip.

Monday Morning Perspective: If you’re good at what you do nobody can get at you. — Actor Montgomery Clift

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I remember a meeting with a boutique consulting firm that had fallen on hard times. The debate was whether or not to sell their magnificent conference table. “Where would clients sit?” asked one partner. “We have no clients,” stated the advocate of selling. You can’t cut your way to renewal or success. Top line growth is the key to bottom line achievement, for you and for your clients. Today is the time to invest in the future. Once you cut muscle, you’re powerless.

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