Alan Weiss’s Monday Morning Memo® – 9/30/13

September 30, 2013—Issue #210

This week’s focus point: “Breaking Bad” (a brilliant cable series about a soft-spoken high school chemistry teacher who becomes a ruthless drug lord) ended last evening, and I’m writing this well prior to the show. I’m guessing the end is violent and Walt dies. I know it will be a more definitive ending than “The Sopranos” fade-to-black cop-out. What fascinates me most, however, is how much we hate our crime but love our criminals. From John Dillenger to Edward Snowden, from Bonnie and Clyde to Boardwalk Empire, we have a perverse fascination with acts we would never ourselves commit and people we wouldn’t want to be near. Is that because it’s safe to view such deeds fictionally and vicariously, or because there’s such a thin line between orderly society and chaos? Strictly speaking, 90% of the drivers on the highways are breaking the law every day. But we rationalize it as okay for us, even as we text, phone, have dogs on our laps, apply makeup, and even read the paper. It’s a very thin line. Whatever happens, Walt, I’m going to miss you.

Monday Morning Perspective: C’est plus qu’un crime; c’est une faute. (It’s worse than a crime; it’s a blunder.) — Marshall Fouche on Napolean’s murderr of the Duke of Engheim on false evidence.

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