Alan Weiss’s Monday Morning Memo® – 2/29/16

There is nothing at all wrong with running a small business. Heck, I run one and so do most of you! But there is something wrong with having a small mind. I was in a cigar club the other day and asked why there weren’t more matches in the room. “Because the customers keep stealing them,” I was told! I’ve had it with the affectation of not placing salt on a restaurant table, or not bringing cream when the server brings the coffee. (One menu notice: “Bread and water served on request.” Where am I? In prison?)

An abundance (as opposed to scarcity) mindset isn’t about spending money but about appreciating what the big picture is for your enterprise. The prelapsarian goal, from then to now, of any buisness is to have customers. That’s usually accomplished by a combintion of providing what you think they need (Apple) and what they know they also want (Dunkin’ Donuts). The competitive edge of a small business is in personalized relationships, yet many sacrifice that advantage by not trusting customers and issuing constant warnings. (My hotel in Hamburg recently diligently specified what was included and not included in my room rate, and that not availing myself of what’s included would not result in a refund!)

How are you treating your clients and customers, as valued guests or potential troublemakers?! Believe me, either way they’ll quickly know!

The car goes where your eyes go. Don’t look at the wall.

— Legendary race car driver Mario Andretti

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