Alan’s 6-pound Father’s Day lobster

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8 Responses to Alan’s 6-pound Father’s Day lobster

  1. Dave Gardner says:

    And, there you sit!

  2. I’m shocked…is that a beer in your hand?

    Isn’t there a special merlot to accompany your six pound crustacean?

  3. Alan Weiss says:

    You cannot drink wine with lobster, sorry. I had a martini with the oysters, then a very nice ale with the crustacean.

    You’d need a Riesling so sweet that your teeth would rot.

  4. Michael Sanjek says:

    Were “value based” fees used to calculate your check? That looks like a sea monster!

  5. Alan Weiss says:

    That’s a fascinating point. If they charged by satisfaction, I could be in trouble!!

  6. Michael Sanjek says:

    Indeed. You would have to start putting out your own lobster pots. What do they use as bait for a 6 pound lobster? Maybe they use 2 pound lobsters.

  7. Alan Weiss says:

    I believe they old ABBA recordings….

  8. Checking our lobster traps next weekend…hoping for one just like that!

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