Alan’s Latest Interview

I was interviewed recently by someone who had really done his homework, and I think you’ll enjoy the results of this candid, unscripted session. Here are his instructions:


Thank you for your delightful interview on our FoxNews affiliate here in Nashville, TN. If you would like to promote the show to your following of people around the world it plays live tomorrow in its entirety from Noon-1:00 CST and can be found @ and live streaming anywhere in the world on (call letters are WLAC FoxNews Radio in Nashville). If the listener goes to the WLAC site it will direct them to I-Heart Radio.

I will also be sending you the podcast via YouSendIt for you to utilize any way that you would like. I hope we asked you great questions and allowed ample time to explore the questions.

Thank you and have an excellent day!

Coach Micheal J. Burt


Office: 615.225.8380

Direct: 615.849.2099

“Everybody Needs a Coach in Life”

Listen to “Change Your Life Radio” @

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