Alan Weiss’s Monday Morning Memo® – 10/26/15

We grow best by building on strengths, not by constantly trying to correct “weaknesses.” That’s the essence of positive psychology. Yet the overwhelming feedback we receive—even when solicited—is about correcting some failing. Most self-help books assume the reader is somehow “damaged.” If you do seek (or receive) feedback that you’re trying to evaluate, ask yourself: 1) Is it empirically valid? Is there evidence to support the claim? 2) Is it relevant? Does it apply to my future behavior and success? 3) Is it important? Is it worth doing something about? The more time we spend trying to “correct” what others deem inadequate, the less time we have to invest in exploiting our own significant potential.

Most job outputs are measurable; even St. Paul had clear key effectiveness areas, though Judgment Day does represent a long performance feedback loop.
— Bill Reddin in Effective Management by Objectives

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