Alan Weiss’s Monday Morning Memo® – 11/24/14

This week’s focus point: Emirates Airlines has better first class cabins, better first class lounges, and newer airplanes, but Air France has better service. They drive you in a BMW to your connecting flight and escort you from your last plane, to the lounge, to your next plane. We were met at Kennedy in the jetway and a man took my wife’s luggage through Global Entry right to our limo across the street. These are small but high-impact gestures, with relatively little investment, but they reflect a truly caring company. What are you doing in small ways at low cost to demonstrate how much you care and can anticipate need? Forget expensive web sites or gifts or offices. Think instead about proactively providing value and anticipating what would truly delight your customers and prospects.

Monday Morning Perspective: Yes, and General Motors created the Oldsmobile, but how is the question. — Rachel Carson, when reminded by her mother that God created the world.

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