Alan Weiss’s Monday Morning Memo® – 1/19/15

This week’s focus point: Some advice to ease your stress this week: When you hear an idea, don’t attempt to wrestle it to the ground and stomp it to death. Consider whether you can exploit it for your own success. When you plan the year ahead, “reserve” your vacations and family obligations first, then schedule your work around those dates. When you read an opinion you disagree with, have the maturity to move on without having to announce to the world your disapproval. When someone does something (especially family) to discomfit you, determine whether that was their motive before trying to retaliate. If you’re not sure whether to leave a tip, leave the tip. Argue over principle, not taste. Have a great week.

Monday Morning Perspective: In nature there are neither rewards nor punishments–there are consequences. — Robert C. Ingersoll, 19th Century orator

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