Alan Weiss’s Monday Morning Memo® – 1/26/15

This week’s focus point: Every week I receive multiple offers to endorse or “like” or support someone’s book. Yet it’s a person I don’t know and a book I don’t care about. A guy on Linkedin asked me to coach him for free because we’re “peers” by dint of our both belonging to a social media platform. There are people who manipulate rankings on the New York Times book review (I was offered this “service” for $120,000 for one of my forthcoming books). There ARE people who need help, and every one of my programs has “scholarship” people, attending for free (there will be a dozen or more in Atlanta, see below). But to “work the system” and connive, and cheat (probably the very same people screaming about the Patriots “deflation”) — that’s not worthy of praise or help. In fact, if those folks put as much time into trying to honestly improve as trying to work the system, they’d be a lot better off.

Monday Morning Perspective: I am not against youth as such. They are wonderfully teachable. But that they should be teaching us; that we should invest them with oracular powers, read into their shrugs and moans some great gnostic wisdom–that is an American superstition so crass that one scarcely knows where to begin with it. — Wilfred Sheed in his book “Max Jamison”

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