Alan Weiss’s Monday Morning Memo® – 2/23/15

This week’s focus point: In the police procedurals I read or watch on TV, the prosecutors are always looking for motive, means, and opportunity. Did the suspects have a cause which prompted the crime, did they have a weapon or means to accomplish the crime, and was there an opportunity for the commission of the crime? That’s why alibis, access, and witnesses are so vital. This rigor makes me wonder if we try sufficiently to create the same dynamics in business for positive purposes. Are we passionate and clear about our value (motive)? Do we have the proper array of methodology to convey and implement (means)? And do we have the opportunity to do so (marketing)? I doubt we sufficiently provide that same kind of rigor to our constructive plans for growth and success. But why not? Aren’t our careers, our families, our investments also a question, figuratively, of life and death?

Monday Morning Perspective: Neurotics are the torch-bearers of civilization. — Ernest Jones, psychiatrist

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