Alan Weiss’s Monday Morning Memo® – 3/23/15

This week’s focus point: We are fond of pointing out that there is more power in our cell phones today than in the computers that first put a man on the moon. We’ve produced cars with over 1,000 horsepower, not because they’re useful for transportation, but because we can. Yet the power of the written word seems to have diminished, with a proliferation of publication without scrutiny over quality or even facts. The power of privacy is a distant memory, with searches at every airport and broadcasting of photos and videos without permission. The power of the vote has been attenuated by lobbyists, false advertising, PACs, and gerrymandering. The power of the force of arms has been blunted by asymmetric warfare and fanatic terrorism. It’s not power that we’re missing or should be developing. It’s the wisdom to intelligently apply power that seems to be sorely lacking.

Monday Morning Perspective: History shows clearly that humanity is moved forward not by people who stop every little while to try to gauge the ultimate success or failure of their ventures, but by those who think deeply about what is right and then put all their energy into doing it. — Murray Gell-Mann, “The ‘Quark and the Jaguar”

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