Alan Weiss’s Monday Morning Memo® – 3/24/14

This week’s focus point: I read all the requests for “likes” on Facebook, and even recommendations for how to solicit more of them. They may be harmless enough, but I wonder if they’re replacing the fact that many people don’t like themselves? It’s quite healthy to like yourself, it’s not narcissism or arrogance. It’s simply the acknowledgment that you’re trying to be a good person, even if often imperfect. Yet we’re constantly told we’re damaged in some way, we carry around ancient baggage, we listen to irrelevant (and often malicious) feedback in the guise of “help.” Most anger is self-anger, that’s directed outward to try to protect the individual. It just may be that the craving to be “liked” in such a public setting is similar, an overcompensation for not sufficiently liking oneself. I just know the day is a lot easier when you can get out of bed without worrying about either whether you’re okay, or whether others will think you’re okay. Simply be comfortable with yourself and move on.

Monday Morning Perspective: Etiam si omnes–ego non (Even if all others do–I will not)–St. Matthew

Remove your greatest obstacle: Whether a book, website, speech, behavior in meetings–in one day we’ll remove what’s undermining you in an intimate group, and prevent it from recurring.

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Remove self-limiting beliefs every day: Super Esteem. 1.5 days, May 27-28, at my new Retreat Center. Write Limited to 12 people. For my London offerings in April, Pivot Point and Personal Power, go to “workshops” at www.summit


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