Alan Weiss’s Monday Morning Memo® – 3/30/15

This week’s focus point: The horrible plane crash in France caused by the co-pilot is an indication that when your time comes, your time comes. Two people have apparently died in New York because of the illegal tapping of a gas main which started a horrible explosion and fire (we were heading toward it, a few blocks away, when it occurred). Are you really afraid of eating sushi, or of public speaking, or of traveling to foreign ports of call? Are you trying to live conservatively and in subtle fear for no reason? We are not here to stick our toe in the water. We are here to make waves. Live boldly. A lengthy, fearful life is nothing compared to a shorter, active, and bold one.

Monday Morning Perspective: We are being destroyed by our knowledge, which has made us drunk with power. And we shall not be saved without wisdom. — Will Durant

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