Alan Weiss’s Monday Morning Memo® – 3/31/14

This week’s focus point: I’m thinking of Y2K, acid rain, more people than food, killer bees, disappearing bees, food dyes, eggs are bad for you (they can be good), meat is bad for you (it can be good), red wine is bad for you (it can be good), coffee is bad for you (it can be good). Surgery today sometimes employs leeches for clotting, once derided as quack medicine from a distant past. I recall Billy Joel’s song, “Shades of Grey”: “I’m just not that sure any more.” Scientists often change their minds. The media simply pursue the scariest stories. We need to apply judgment. We need to stop demonizing people who may not believe what we believe to be true, be it global warming or political positions. Good judgment should allow other points of view to be considered, not berate them simply because you happen to believe you’re “convinced.” The only thing I’m convinced about is that the older I get, the less I really know.

Monday Morning Perspective: He serves the state best who opposes it most. — Thoreau

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