Alan Weiss’s Monday Morning Memo® – 7/20/15

This week’s focus point: One of the major differences I’ve seen in people’s choices of careers, often unconscious and unspoken, is affiliation needs. If you don’t need people around you, a solo career suits you fine. But if you do, it can be enervating to work alone. I can work with people but I certainly don’t require it, and I’d see employees as just so many “baby chicks” to be fed constantly. However, some people derive ideas and strength from working amidst others, and don’t mind investing in a staff that can help grow the business. I’ve seen too many entrepreneurs dragged under by the weight on non-productive staff. Pay a salary to those who grow your business, not those who nest in your business. You’re running a company, not an employment agency.

Monday Morning Perspective: To free oneself is only the beginning. The real problem is to live in freedom. — André Gide

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