Alan Weiss’s Monday Morning Memo® – 8/25/14

This week’s focus point: Just as businesses grow through the increase in business, not by cutting expenses (no one ever cut their way to market leadership), if we’re not growing we’re not living. Plateaus erode, due to entropy. We grow and help others to grow by investing. The notion that we should reduce, and cut back, and return to simpler times is as incorrect as it is impossible. We are smart enough, innovative enough, and resourceful enough to avoid the forecasts of doom and gloom. From Malthus on, people have been trying to convince us that growth will kill us. It was predicted we’d be out of oil by now (we have more reserves and fields than we did in the 1950s), that the earth couldn’t support more than three billion people, and that everything of worth had already been invented. People who coast on a plateau usually sail off the edge. Onward and upward. (Note from Alan: Friends, I write to provoke and stimulate, not to be liked or gain consensus. If you don’t agree with me, I respect that, but I can’t debate it with you since I have hundreds of thousands of readers. And if you want to threaten me with unsubscribing to a free newsletter, you just make me giggle!))

Monday Morning Perspective: Optimumque est, ut volgo dixere, aliena insania frui. (And the best plan is, as the popular saying goes, to profit by the folly of others.) — Pliny the Elder, Historia Naturalis

The Power of Personal Worth and Fulfillment: One week to the Power of Personal Worth, here’s what it will look like:

Million Dollar Consulting® College: Attend in December, qualify for the May Grad School:

The Innovation Formula: Innovation as a systematic way of life is NOT an oxymoron:


3 thoughts on “Alan Weiss’s Monday Morning Memo® – 8/25/14

  1. “I write to provoke and stimulate, not to be liked or gain consensus”

    When I read your posts on those who argue with you and voice their disagreement by telling you they’re going to unsubscribe, I often wonder where they got the idea they had a vote on what you write in something you provide for free.

    Schopenhauer’s statement on the three stages passes through, ridicule, opposition, and finally accepting it as being self-evident.

    Too many folks in our business have difficulty with accepting good advice so they mock, if it’s free how good can it be? They oppose it by offering counter arguments because, again it’s free. Some will come around after witnessing others progressing and prospering because they applied the free advice, they then accept it as sensible and wonder why everyone else hasn’t figured it out and that free doesn’t mean poor quality.

  2. Some people accept ideas, some run from them, others try to kill them.

    Someone who signed up for my Esteem series had his credit card declined, and I told him. My note when to his junk folder, which he just checked today, weeks later, and he requested I honor the original discounted price! We have to take responsibility, not see ourselves as victims.

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