Alan Weiss’s Monday Morning Memo® – 9/29/14

This week’s focus point: There is a difference between aging and maturing. To age is to live longer and conform with the sizes and shapes common for that process. People conform to a certain range of physical attributes. Pine trees grow to a certain width and height. All cheetahs are within certain predicted ranges once fully grown. But maturing is about learning and cognitive growth, not merely physical growth. It seems to me that maturity is about using knowledge to gain wisdom, not merely seeking data to create information. Maturity is knowing when not to speak instead of trying to figure out what to say, knowing how to persuade and not demand, being resilient and not resigned. I always liked being called “smart” but I think “wise” is a rarer accolade. And “mature” is just fine, as in “fit for consumption.”

Monday Morning Perspective: The price of eternal vigilance is indifference. — Marshall McLuhan

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