Alan’s New Books

A lot of you have been asking about coming books, and there are so many that it’s confusing me, let alone my agent. Here’s the latest scoop:
Value Based Fees, second edition, from Wiley, duo out in the fall.
Getting Started in Consulting, third edition, from Wiley, in the fall or winter.
Million Dollar Consulting, the FOURTH EDITION (Yea!!), from McGraw-Hill, next fall.
Strategic Commitment, (with Mader and Liebner) from Amacom, this fall or winter.
Global Consulting, (with Kahn) from Wiley, in September in Asia, December in the US
Winning the War for Talent, (with MacKay) from Wiley, next fall.

And another book written by me, very powerful, next year, the contract isn’t yet signed.

Fortunately, I strive for volume over accuracy. Million Dollar Consulting, the franchise book, is going into Portuguese, my ninth published language. There is another book, co-authored with Chad Barr, on the horizon.

These will take me to 35 books, counting new editions.

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