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Did you see where Brazil and India, once part of the three “emerging economies” (with China) that were going to alter the world stage are now part of the “fragile five” which can’t really sustain their own growth without unreliable foreign investment? (And, of course, China’s corruption, infrastructure, and environmental problems are undermining its growth considerably.)

Take a longer view and don’t listen to pundits who are merely paid to place unsubstantiated thoughts on a page. We are still in an American-dominated world driven by the brains, industrial might, and independent spirit of this country. It’s not perfect, but it’s better than anything else, and once the idiotic gridlock in Washington is broken in coming elections, maybe things will improve still more, though I’m beginning to doubt we need any of them down there.

I do know this: If you keep increasing the burden on successful people to pay more and more you will have fewer and fewer successful people to ask to share that burden.

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