If You’re Proclaiming Good Health, Why Are You Driving Like A Moron?

I don’t know why, but I’ve started thinking about bumper stickers. It’s rare to find a car with just one. They usually come in multiple postings, ranging from politics to health food, from sports teams to mystical affirmations. It seems to me that the drivers feel obligated to inform the rest of the world of their positions. I think they do so because they feel otherwise powerless. So this is the way they impress themselves on the world. Their only …

You Can’t Fix Stupid

A woman writes to tell me she loves my free weekly and monthly newsletters, but she doesn’t like my occasional promotional mailings, so she has to unsubscribe. In other words, she feels it’s appropriate for me to provide free, high value help to others, but it’s not appropriate that I inform them of further help available for a price if they so choose. I’m surprised she knew how to unsubscribe.


Kim Wilkerson brings to my attention some guy in South Africa who is sponsoring an evening of fire walking and cocktails! I can’t imagine any potential problems there, can you? I recall not long ago so many injuries at a fire walking event that the onsite team couldn’t handle them all and the EMTs had to be called. I guess that particular group just wasn’t sufficiently motivated. Maybe they should practice the equally effective techniques of self-levitation.


Talking to the Priest before the procession last night when I was the reader for Holy Thursday services, he told me that, on Easter, he would announce: “We’re unexpectedly having some more clergy join us, and we’re oversold, so the ushers will be dragging random people up the aisles and out the doors. It will depend on your annual contributions….”  

On the Road Again

In Italy, almost every main road is only two lanes in each direction. And drivers stay right, except to pass. Rarely do you have to use your high beams. Everyone realizes that unless you get out of the way of higher speed traffic, the entire highway clogs and it’s dangerous. The system works beautifully. In the US, where many highways are three to six lanes, people clog up the left-hand (high speed) lane. Some are ignorant of the law, some …

Plain Dumb Ass Stupid

A guy named Littlejohn asks to connect on Linkedin and immediately sends me this pathetic, mass, stupid marketing email:   Thanks for being connected! I’ve had many consultants reaching out to see how we generate so many high-end leads for ourselves and our clients on LinkedIn. So we put together this brand new 72-minute (content only) training for you! (LINK REMOVED) Talk soon, P.S. Our online system can only handle 100 live viewers at one time…and this email went out …

Here’s What You Should Do Next Time You’re Flying the Plane….

Don’t you love people who haven’t accomplished one-tenth of what you have but who feel they are in a position to critique and coach you? It’s often an uncle or a cousin who wants to overcome a vast inferiority complex. But it’s also often some stranger who feels that social media is there for his or her glorification. A guy actually has offered Marshall Goldsmith and me (between us, 100 books, 100 countries, 500 clients, 25 translation languages, 30 awards, …

I Can’t Tell By Your Face If You’re Happy Or Not

There’s a woman on the CBS morning news in New York City (6-7 am weekdays) who basically reads a teleprompter as her job. She doesn’t look real. He face doesn’t move at all, only her lips and eyes. There is no other sign of expression. Her lips look inflated. Her eyes look like they were done by an artist. Her hair falls perfectly but also doesn’t move at all. She seems quite pleasant and reads the news well. I’d bet …

The Brady Priority

Let me understand this: An international collaboration, including the Texas police, Texas Rangers, FBI, and Mexican police, found Tom Brady’s stolen Super Bowl jersey and returned it within 90 days of the theft. And we can’t identify or locate the drug dealers in Mexico, or the nukes in Iran, or the terrorist cells all over Europe? They’d all better hope they never come into possession of any of Brady’s stuff.