American Airlines: Dumb Ass Stupid Management

I’ve sent this letter to the CEO of American Airlines twice, once in hard copy and once electronically. Over two months later, no reply from anyone:


“I’m writing about a rather frightening episode on one of your flights.

“Two years ago I published the enclosed blog post which is self-explanatory. Your company’s response is also enclosed. (Note: This was about flight attendants refusing to help elderly, sight-impared, passengers with their carry-on bags.)


“In January of this year (11th?), my wife and I were returning from Miami to Boston (on I believe AA 2235) where I observed that there were no beverages served on the ground in first class, despite everyone boarded and 15 minutes remaining before departure, and that the actual meal service later was quite slow.


“After that meal service, the flight attendant knelt in the aisle next to my wife, asked if we recognized her, and then announced she was Mariellen, the one in my original post. She told us that for two years she had been reviewing her manifests looking for my name to appear on one of her flights. She told me that my original post had caused her and her colleagues ‘far too much paperwork’ and that the airline response to me (flight attendants are permitted to help people with bags) was an outright lie. She said I should have spoken more to her at length and she was the only one “unlucky enough to be wearing her name tag.”


“What next, sir, does she poison  my food? Her consistently poor service coupled with what appears to me to be abnormal behavior is, I hope you’d agree, frightening and appalling.”


How can you be this strangely out of step with your customers (when this one has over a million air miles with American and was a charter frequent flyer member)?


4 thoughts on “American Airlines: Dumb Ass Stupid Management

  1. OMG. You upset the flight attendants over an observation about common courtesy and they WAITED for you for TWO YEARS to address the issue with you and she addressed your concern with an attempt to make you feel bad? Or what?


    But also, YOU are STILL flying with them?


    • Here’s the funny thing, if there is one: After posting this on my blog, American finally answered and apologized for what? For not serving me beverages in first class while on the ground! Nothing about the stalker who may be poisoning my food!

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