Anchors Aweigh (Go Navy)!

Received a call from a Captain Mike Sherlock today, who is deputy director of the strategic research department at the Naval War College in Newport. He said he had been sent my blog entry (“Sir, No Sir!”) and wanted to apologize for the behavior of the colonel. He said that this was an aberration, and not how the vast majority of the attendees acted.

I agreed, and told him that of 1,000 people present, there were likely to be a couple of behavioral problems, and I had had the misfortune of meeting one. And, as I had written, I respect anyone who puts on a uniform for his or her country and moves into harm’s way to protect us.

Captain Sherlock offered a tour of the Naval War College for me to get a better impression of what they do and who they are and, when I mentioned that I was an informal student of Naval history, said he’d arrange some terrific experiences.

I want to keep the playing field even: That was one hell of a speedy and effective response from the Navy, and the colonel might just have done us all a great favor.

And isn’t it interesting who reads blogs? It pays to be the King of Social Media….

3 thoughts on “Anchors Aweigh (Go Navy)!

  1. Alan, what a great example of how you can turn lemons into lemonade in the real world. I’m sure this will bear sweet fruit in many wonderful ways for you and your tribe. Well done to you and Captain Sherlock -Alex

  2. It is interesting who reads blogs. I skim the titles of your blog postings most days via my igoogle homepage.

    I’m guessing this specific response was prompted by an automatic daily search on “Naval War College” maintained by the organization. We are small, but we watch our online reputation carefully via daily searches on a few select keywords. So the example provided here is the combination of a quick and appropriate response, facilitated by a reliable monitoring system to maintain awareness of one’s online reputation.

    Thank you for the great lesson embedded in these two posts.

  3. Alex, I’m thinking that the reasons for airing life’s vicissitudes is so that they can be reconciled.

    Danya, Always a silver lining. Makes you feel that the Navy’s response capability is fairly awesome if it can pick up something as small as this. It is a great lesson all around.

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