And Speaking of Judging….

Without taking sides in the debate last night, I have to say that Hillary Clinton looked at Barack Obama when he was speaking the same way that my Shepherd, Koufax, looks through the window at a squirrel on the bird feeder: as if she wanted to grab him by the neck and shake him until he was lifeless. It seemed to me that Senator Clinton was actually resentful that anyone, in this case Senator Obama, had the temerity to be running against her. I guess that’s just me. I’d welcome other comments here.

4 thoughts on “And Speaking of Judging….

  1. I think your observation is exactly right. Hillary, who with her campaign staff tried so hard to portray her as the presumptive candidate, seems astonished by Obama’s audacity and continued absence of fealty. I never thought I’d ever quote Maureen Dowd, but she said this in a column posted today: “…[Hillary] can’t get beyond what she sees as the deep injustice of Obama not waiting his turn.” Clinton, Inc. is not to be trifled with ordinarily, but someone forgot to tell Obama.

  2. I couldn´t agree more! That kind of behaviour frightens me, specially for a likely future commander-in-chief of the biggest/strongest armed forces in the world… In such powerful position you need to be able to hear all sides while maintaining your power of judgment (problem solving), and to adapt quickly to an ever changing scenario. I don´t see that in her…

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