Andy Warhol Rolls in His Grave

Here is just one verbatim excerpt from another PR “expert” apprising all of those on her mailing list (and anyone she can find—I never asked to be on her list and never heard of her before, so this is spam) that she can gain us wide exposure, for at least a few minutes. Have tragedy, will travel. But read the “expert’s” own language:

“Want To Be Everywhere At All Times? This media placement is excellent in that numerous media outlets are able to access the story enabling you to cast a very wide net in terms of exposure and just being able to say that you were an expert contributor in this syndicated news service will earn you lots of expert status! Want the edge? Want to consistently out-perform everyone else in your industry? Want to perform way beyond your competitors? If yes, then this one is for you. Use it to add power and prestige to your platform. Remember, what you are not doing your competitors are doing so they can have the edge instead of you. Play Back!”

Not a thing has been changed, including the wierd spacing, capitalization, and grammar. I may be a Luddite, but I’m just not ready to “play back.”

3 thoughts on “Andy Warhol Rolls in His Grave

  1. The “Want To Be Everywhere At All Times?” question also has Schroedinger spinning in one direction and Strunk & White spinning in another.

  2. yes, there are quite a lot of stupid people out there, and that means that someone somewhere will respond to that spam and buy the product, and that will perpetuate the insanity. hopefully by your calling attention to the idiocy of it, that will save a few people from making the same mistake and we will swing toward a better tomorrow.

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