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  1. Thanks for that, Alan. I just wanted to ask your readers if their business cards are still a useful (albiet modest) “leave-behind” or are they superfluous in the smartphone/iPad era? Thanks for your comments. Eric

  2. Business cards are useful for sharing how people can get a hold of you.
    If you generate interest in your work, brand, self people with your card can find your website, call you and you can do the same.
    I don’t think they are obsolete.
    YET, I still find people in networking events that lead with their card and are insulted when I do not share mine. I usually don’t share my card because I know nothing about them, their business etc.. and sharing my card is a waste of both of our time.

  3. I personally loathe people who keep shoving cards at me, which I politely put in a pocket until I can throw them out, out of sight. If I don’t know you or your work and have expressed no interest in it, why on earth would I keep your card? And those who say, “Please refer me to people who need this,” are just loopy. How do I know you’re not an axe murderer?

  4. Even though I do not use business cards, I am amazed at the number of people who ask for one. Maybe it’s conditioning. Or maybe there are still those who actually follow-up because of a card. However, rarely have these people been buyers. 🙂

  5. Do so when valid (i.e. give when asked and ask when interested in further contact).

    Bump is not ideal – Checking if the other person has it and then getting out phones and bumping, while OK in some instances, is a distraction in most cases.

    I don’t want to rely on my memory to remember an email address. I also don’t want to take time right then to write or type it or a phone number.

    So yes, useful with basic info – name, email and phone (no website assuming the domain in your email address is your website). Follow up emails with vCards each way is the polite thing to do – I certainly don’t want to actually type in all the details or even take the time to use a biz card reader.

  6. Business cards are not obsolete. While I don’t push them at people, when there’s a mutual interest in having each other’s contact information, I provide my business card and accept one in return.

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