At the Mandarin Oriental Miami

Aside from the fact that this hotel has one of the best suites in Miami with a huge, sweeping balcony, here’s why I come here:

• The maid realized that I read a booklet during Lent that’s next to my computer, so she placed a bookmark in it so that I would be on the right page each day.

• She also realized I had smoked a cigar outside, so she provided ash trays.

• The staff greets you in the hall, establishing eye contact.

• The guys on the door run to open one when they see you approaching.

• The bartenders welcome you back, shake your hand, and greet you by name.

• When a couple of people in my group wanted some additional items for breakfast, the food was immediately brought to our conference room.

• When the group across the hall started eating our food because they hadn’t arranged for any themselves, the hotel assigned someone to stand guard to drive them off!

• There are always cabs outside.

• The food is outstanding.

• The doormen escort you in even if they don’t have to handle your luggage and introduce you to a reception agent who checks you in.

• The management people dress like successful professionals.

• They keep a record of my personal preferences, such as newspaper choices in the morning.

When I contact the Delano or Standard or others down here, they treat me as if I’m simply potential revenue. The Mandarin treats me like a valued guest.

Enlightened hotel management isn’t easy to find, but you can find it here.


© Alan Weiss 2015

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