Australian Journal Redux: Day Four

Second wonderful day here, group is making terrific progress in ideas to dramatically expand and enlarge their businesses.

Rob Nixon stopped by and he took Libby and me to Doyle’s on the beach in Watson’s Bay by water taxi. On the way back, a Jack Russell Terrier sat in the captain’s chair, while the three of us had beers on the aft deck. It seemed so right at the time.

Last half-day tomorrow, some down time, then on to Queenstown, New Zealand, via Christchurch, or so they tell me!

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2 thoughts on “Australian Journal Redux: Day Four

  1. The “first time” is always exciting for me, and this is a VERY different experience I’ve put together. My surprise was how much I changed things on the fly, and how much the group learned from each other (a mini-Million Dollar Club). It’s going to make Vegas all the better, because I know what I didn’t know. I’m really proud of this offering, and I thank Barb for recommending it. The time just flew by.

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