Australian Journal Redux: Day Three

We had a wonderful first day in Six to Seven Figures, my newest workshop. Wonderfully diverse group, engaged in the hard work required to change thinking processes, the key ingredient for major business growth.

Dinner at Aria, the best meal I’ve ever had in Australia and one of the finest dinners I can recall anywhere: swordfish sashimi, and then a wonderful trout, accompanied by Chassagne Montrechet.

Libby and I then walked to the Opera House to see Juliette Binoche (the actress from “Chocolat”) and Akram Khan in a dance performance called In-I. It was a beautiful theater, packed with appreciative patrons, but I was thinking longingly of the Montrechet. Khan is a great dancer, but this performance (over an hour) was very self-indulgent, and he is so much better on stage than she is that I found it distracting.

The view of this spectacular harbor, with the huge Queen Victoria, the bridge, and the water traffic, is even grander from the Opera House.

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